Italians DOP lovers

Italians confirm the preference for products with certified origin. The frequency with which Italians consume PDO, PGI and DOC foods from 2013 to 2018 is stable at around 80%.  

The interest on the origin of food and consequently on the quality of the products that are consumed is confirmed by the increase in the consumption of organic food products: from 2013 to today the percentage of those who claim to eat organic products regularly has doubled, going from 10 at 22%, while that of those who sometimes consume them has seen an increase from 35% in 2013 to 42% in 2018.  

This trend is also confirmed by 100 Montaditos, the Restalia Group brand, which, with over 50 restaurants in Italy, has managed to combine its offer of typical Spanish tapas with our local taste. “In our restaurants we have always been attentive to new trends,” commented Andrea Cutispoto, Restalia Country Manager for Italy. “.  

As proof of this continuous search for the brand towards high quality products, the introduction from the end of June in the menu of Gorgonzola DOP, Mortadella Bologna PGI, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and Spanish wines like Rioja DOC red and Navarra DOC rosé.   In addition, the partnership with Grana Padano PDO was signed, for which new sandwiches with Italian certified taste were created. The official logos of Grana Padano PDO will be displayed on the menu, which can also be consulted online, and at all 100 Montaditos in Italy.    

“As it turns out from the latest research”, said Margherita Sartorio, co-founder and CEO – Istituto Ixè “confirms that the frequent consumption of BIO, DOP and IGP products is now consolidated for Italians. This confirms that we have to pay more attentive to the food they eat. Above all the Italian origin, the denomination of controlled or protected origin and the biological origin, are determining factors in the daily choices ”.