Food for live, food for the planet. For a zero waste living

An environmentally conscious foodie who believes genuine happiness lies in the real food that nourishes the human body, conserves ecological balance, while helping ensure economic self-sufficiency for small producers.

This is Edgar Hong Kong, the concept shop that from Europe  brings back natural, organic and fair trade products made by long-established brands and passionate independent artisans, transported in bulk for minimal carbon footprint, so that you can relish and thrive in delectable food, just as nature intended.

Shopping is easy: bring your own container, shop our lip-smacking products in bulk, help us create a sustainable future for all.

You can buy: cookies, cereals, rice and pasta, nuts and seeds, “free from and vegan, Thea and herbals, and some cosmetics, shopping bags and more “zero waste”.

In late 2016, Edgar dropped his goods in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsu in Hong Kong. There, at K11 Natural, with his fancy kiosk, Edgar’s started the first chapter of his adventures reminiscent of the true spirit of the “marchand des quatres saisons”.  Other shop is in Wan Chai  (Star Street  Precinct – 5 Moon Street).