All vegetarian tour for a meet free experience

The name is Hong Kong Greeters and it’s is the first group to offer completely vegetarian tours. It gives  a chance to experience a side of the city they may never have seen before. The idea comes from HK Greeters, which organises a tri-weekly “Vegetarian Food and Culture” tour, designed to offer a touch of history and local lore alongside opportunities to taste a selection of local meat-free food.

The  tour takes in two Kowloon locations (Wong Tai Sing Temple, a place of worship for three different religions and Chin Lin Nunnery ) and one in the New Territories (Tai Po at former police station, which has been turned into a small arts centre, with a museum, zero-waste shop with locally crafted goods, and vegetarian cafe), immersing guests in Hong Kong life  to ordering meatless items from a menu and gaining an appreciation for the pockets of tranquillity the city has to offer.

Snacks free of meat include egg waffles and egg tarts, while fully vegan snacks are limited to stinky tofu and rice noodle rolls  and are  less widely available than meat options.

The goal is promoting farm-to-table dining and seasonal, low-carbon food culture. Visitors can expect a blend of Chinese and Western options, including quinoa and chickpea salad, falafel, and steamed tofu with seaweed.