We are Professionals in the Food&Beverage Industry according to the SMART approach (Sustainable, My product/good for me, Available, Reliable, Taste)

We are skilled in stimulating local demand for good and healthy food to promote healthy eating and support incremental sales

We deal with Natural and Organic certified products, Delux Selection, Wellfood (free from, super food etc) within the Mediterranean Diet framework

According to recent scientific evidence, a Mediterranean food model is associated with a significant improvement in the state of health because can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, morbidity and mortality related to chronic diseases, as well as mortality for all causes. This also applies to children, observance of a Mediterranean diet is inversely correlated with overweight, a determinant risk factor, in the short and long term, for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors, etc …

Feeling great today and tomorrow

We are Italians, fully aware of our outstanding cuisine. A diverse variety of natural foods with health added value: 1 out 3 best products in the world is Italian, 100% of the world-wide prized Mediterranean Diet is covered by Italian products.

We are building a cache of food suppliers based on the “small is the new big” concept: niche F&B products are a synthesis of generations’ efforts, modern artisanal creativity, beautiful and pure landscape, and local traditions.

We go for a Global healthier lifestyle positively affecting our Planet wellbeing. Thus we are fond of mixing Eastern and Western foods&habits.