Italy to taste

Enjoy a typical Lazio dish like the delicious cecapreti with ragù della ciociaria, or imagine yourself sitting at a table on the seafront of Sicily enjoying a swordfish and aubergine caponata or, for those who prefer meat, explore Calabrian aromas with lampascione and potatoes . And  finally, the desserts: from Piedmont with the mythical bonèt, to Puglia with sweet black taralli, typical of the Foggia tradition.

More than this is now possible thanks to the first book of recipes Bimby mobile-friendly offers a journey through the flavors of Italy with exclusive multimedia contents signed by the famous multi-function robot

Protagonists: the preparations of the traditional Italian regional cuisine proposed by the Bimby® Distributors together with their customers, selected and tested by the Bimby® recipe development team

Another new  of the book is the multimedia contents, accessible by framing the QR codes printed on the pages with your tablet or smartphone. With this mobile-friendly mode, you can experiment with a new way of conceiving and using a recipe book: immediately displaying “how to do it”, accessing other content and recipes available on the Bimby® editorial channels and integrating the reading of the book with the help of your mobile device.

The reader thus accesses the video recipes, which illustrate all the steps of the preparations, the video tutorials, which explain the new features of the latest Bimby® TM6 model, and other editorial content and recipes on Cookidoo®, to complete the journey gastronomic and start others according to interests and tastes.

L’Italia da gustare is now available together with Bimby® TM6 in an exclusive offer. This is the link to book a demonstration.

Starting from September, the book will be available for purchase from the Bimby® e-shop for € 35.00.