Food Identity Card for a well eating

More and more Italians are eating away from home, more than 7 million and not by chance 2018 was the record year for catering (about 150 thousand companies against 30 thousand in 2011) with a turnover of 85 billion euro (data FIPE, Italian Federation of Exhibitors).

“Out of home” meals are on the rise and consumer attention is growing towards health food: “From the data we have developed – explains Pietro Ruffoni, who has been working on the project for over two years with his team of nutritionists and developers – we note that in Italy the difficulty in digesting lactose affects about 40-50% of the population. If we add vegetarians and vegans we reach 4 million people without counting that in 10 years celiacs have increased by 220%. With the Food Identity Card we want to carry out an awareness-raising action towards the world of catering so that it is increasingly attentive to people who are increasingly demanding and still have difficulty in respecting their food style, or simply their own tastes, when they eat outside the home: 60% of Italians eat at the restaurant at least 6 times in a month ”.

To get your own Food Identity Card, just answer a few questions about food tastes and needs. The result is a profile, complete with all the information on your food style (tastes, regimens, allergies and intolerances) to be displayed with two taps and always keep on hand, just like you do with a document. To complete the digital document, go to, create your own account (register with your email and choose a password) and fill in the fields of the “Food Style” item (ie ” Foods you don’t like ”,“ Diagnosed allergies ”,“ Foods that weigh you down / digest with difficulty ”,“ Diagnosis of a doctor ”, etc.) by scrolling through the menu that opens next to each individual item and flagging the appropriate answer to your own food style.